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The Addams Family - "Halloween - Addams Style"

The Addams Family

"Halloween - Addams Style"
The Addams Family - Season 2 Episode 7
Originally aired October 29, 1965

This is the second Halloween themed episode of The Addams family, following "Halloween With The Addams Family" from season 1.  In this episode, the family prepares for their annual Halloween festivities.  Gomez has Fester pose for him as he carves for a pumpkin in a gag that originally appeared in the first Halloween episode.  I suppose we can forgive them for the recycling and just assume that it's an Addams tradition that they do every year.  Morticia laments the fact that it's been eight years since they have had any trick-or-treaters, but the Addams Family are eternal optimists so they still prepare treats such as salamander sandwiches and porcupine-quill taffy for any lucky kiddies who come to their door.

Cutting Salamander Sandwiches With a Guillotine

Things take a downturn when Wednesday returns early from trick-or-treating in tears.  It seems that their neighbor across the street told her that there is no such thing as witches, and now her heart is broken.  In order to restore her faith in witches, the Addams Family holds a seance to contact their Aunt Singe, a witch who was burned at the stake in Salem.  Joining them for the seance is another member of the extended family: Cousin Cackle, a beared hermit who dresses in rags, lives in a cave, and only speaks with maniacal cackling laughter.

Lurch Introduces Cousin Cackle

The seance triggers a comedy of errors as Lurch pretends to be the ghostly voice of Aunt Singe to please Wednesday, and then inadvertently agrees to appear in person at the Addams Family residence that night.  Granny prowls the streets trying to find a witch to appear with no luck, but ultimately fate comes to their rescue as a woman costumed as a witch comes to their door on a Halloween scavenger hunt, and the family is convinced that it is their dearly departed Aunt Singe.

Aunt Singe?
More screencaps after the break...

Fester and Gomez Prepare for Battle

Bobbing for Apples

Face Down in a Bucket of Apples


Gomez and Morticia

Granny and Fester Cook Some Goodies

Wednesday's Frightening Princess Gown

Tiara of Terror

Parents' Dismay

"If I were a horse, I'd whip him!"

Thing Dials the Phone

"He called me a nut!"

Aunt Singe's Ashes



Preparing for the Seance

Communicating with the Spirits

Gomez Climbs Out the Window

Morticia Plucks a Tune

"Gomez, what a lovely gift... a yak!"

"A horse?  Are you sure?"

Greeted by Cousin Cackle

 Morticia Tries on a Witch Hat

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