Thursday, December 5, 2013

1:12 Scale Hot Wheels Elite 1966 TV Series Batcycle

Racing to the Scene of the Crime

I picked up this diecast Batcycle on clearance a while back, before the new Batman 1966 action figures came out.  Since 1:12 scale is the same scale as the 6 inch action figures, I was hoping they would go well together.  I just left it in the box until the action figures came out.  But now that the action figures are here, it's time to open it up and check it out.

Adam West and Burt Ward Riding the Real-Life Batcycle
The packaging is pretty standard for diecast motorcycles.  It's in a window box, so you could display it in the package if you want.   Inside, it is screwed securely to a plastic base.  The plastic base has a cardboard "Gotham City" backdrop on it.  You could remove the backdrop if you wanted to.  And of course, you can unscrew the motorcycle from the base to display it loose.  All in all, you get a few different options for display, which is nice.

In the Box
The motorcycle looks really nice.  This is a collectible diecast motorcycle, not a plastic toy, and it has all the fine details you would expect it to have.  It would be a great addition to any diecast motorcycle collection, as well as a great piece for fans of the Batman TV series.

Ready to Roll
Robin's go-kart sits loosely in the sidecar, just pick it up or roll it out to display it separately.  The sidecar is screwed on to the motorcycle, and you are supposed to be able to unscrew it if you just want a solo motorcycle, but one of the two screws in mine is in there super tight, and I couldn't get it to turn, so I guess I'm stuck with the sidecar attached on mine.

Batcycle, Sidecar, and Go-Kart
Although it was not designed for action figures, my 1966 Batman and Robin figures were able to fit on it nicely.  Batman was not able to sit on the seat and grip the handlebars perfectly, but it was close enough for me.  One thing to be careful with is making Batman's hands grip the handlebars.  He can do it, but the handlebars are thin, and feel like they could break easily, so be careful.  Robin sits in his go-cart a little awkwardly, but it's a tiny little go-kart... he sat in awkwardly in real life, too, so I think that's okay.

Robin Rides the Go-Kart
All in all, it's a great piece on it's own, and I definitely recommend it to anyone collecting the Batman Classic TV action figures.  Even though they aren't making this toy anymore, it's still available from some online stores, and there are plenty of them on eBay.  The price seems to vary on these quite a bit, anywhere from $25 - $75 dollars, so make sure you shop around to get a good deal if you want to buy one.

Robin and Batman Posing With the Batcycle
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On the Display Base

Rear View



Street Cruisers


  1. That's not bad. Not bad at all. Robin looks kind of funny on it, but that's probably show accurate, eh?

    1. It's pretty close, but you can't really bend the Robin action figure into a perfect position. I added some pics of Adam West and Burt Ward on the real Batcycle for comparison.