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The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - Acapulco Spies (1977)

This episode is another international adventure for the Hardy Boys.  After receiving a mysterious phone call from their father, Fenton Hardy, the brothers fly to Acapulco to deliver him some papers, only to discover that their father has gone missing, and their own lives are being targeted by an assassin.  The adventure takes them hang gliding at the Acapulco shore, as well as sneaking around an historic abandoned prison.  Plus, they get to hook up with a couple of American tourist girls while they are at it.  I don't really have a lot to say about this episode, but it was a solid, fun installment in the series.

Two Boys, One Phone

  • The hotel the boys stay at in Acapulco is the same hotel, inside and out, as the one they stayed at in the episode "The Mystery of the Hollywood Phantom."  The only differences are that the name of the hotel has been removed from the exterior of the building, and a poster that says "Mexico" on it has been hung up at the front desk.
  • I think the the abandoned prison uses the same sets as Dracula's Castle from the episode "The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Meet Dracula," but I'm not positive about that.
Joe broods after the band won't let him perform a mariachi version of "Da Doo Ron Ron."
"I knew we shouldn't have shared a hotel room with Mötley Crüe!"


Jim James & Calexico - Goin' To Acapulco (Bob Dylan Cover)

Beat Happening - I Spy

More Hardy Boys screencaps after the jump...

Fenton on the Run


"Hello Dominos?  I'd like to order a large pizza with chorizo, guacamole, chili peppers, and refried beans, please."

Man in the Shadows

The Hotel

Unhappy Girls

"Say, Frank, isn't this the same hotel we stayed at in Hollywood a few weeks ago?"  "Nonsense, Joe, that poster clearly says MEXICO on it."

Men in the Shadows

Fenton Hardy's attempt at a second career as a graffiti artist didn't really pan out.

Fenton's Notebook

Boys with a Box

Hang Gliding at the Beach

Acapulco Hang Glide Party

A Kiss for Joe

Joe Hardy

Switchblade Mister

Sand People

Frank Hardy

Danger in the Skies

The Assassin on the Cliff

Sometimes Bad Guys Wear White


Authentic Fingerprint

Counterfeit Fingerprint

Conning the Kidnapper

The Hardy Boys are so hardcore, they break in to prison, suckas!

Shadow on the Wall

On the Run!

Police Cars on the Attack

Joe Hardy locks himself in a prison cell so the assassin can't reach him.  (This photo was taken moments before the assassin reached into his coat, pulled out a gun, and shot Joe hardy in the head.)

A Kiss for Frank

Fenton is Less Than Impressed

Hang Gliding Hardy Boy

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