Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Universal Studios Monsters ReAction Retro Action Figures Wave 1 - Super7 (2018)

Super7 Universal Studios Monsters ReAction Figures - Wave 1 (2018)
The first wave of Super7's new line of Universal Studios Monsters ReAction figures has arrived just in time for Halloween!  ReAction figures are retro styled 3.75" action figures with 5 points of articulation, designed to mimic the vintage action figures of the 1970s and 1980s.  Super7 takes these classic looking action figures and pairs them with stunning painted card art to create something really special.  I was a kid in the '70s and '80s, and I grew up watching classic monster movies, and playing with Kenner Star Wars figures, so this line of figures feels like it was designed especially for me.  I would have gone nuts for these when I was a kid, and I still am as an adult.

Monster Lineup
The quality on these figures is great.  All of the joints work, nothing sticks, the figures feel nice and solid.  The sculpts are fantastic, the paint jobs look great, and they have lots of detail for such small figures.  The figures shipped quickly from Super7 and arrived in perfect condition.  I know, I'm just gushing about these figures.  Sorry, I can't help it, I love them.  Just to be fair, I will criticize one thing.  I'm not super in love with the face sculpt on The Mummy.  It looks kind of soft and mushy.  I wish it looked more like the painted face of Boris Karloff on the card art.  But yeah, that's really my only complaint.  Over all, it's an awesome set of figures, and I can't wait for Wave 2!

The Creature from "Creature From The Black Lagoon"

Face close-up of the Creature from "Creature From The Black Lagoon"

Webbed claw of the "Creature From The Black Lagoon"

Card art and back of figure from "Creature From The Black Lagoon"

Close-up of the face of "The Metaluna Mutant"

Card art and back of the figure of  "The Metaluna Mutant."  The Metaluna Mutant is from the 1955 sci-fi/horror movie "This Island Earth."

More views of "The Metaluna Mutant"

A Mole Person from the movie "The Mole People"

More views of the Mole Person

"The Mummy!"  Man, I love that card art!  It was painted by the super talented Ed Repka.

More views of "The Mummy"

"The Phantom of the Opera!"  This figure depicts him in his "Masque of the Red Death" costume that he wore in the Technicolor sequence of the otherwise black and white film.  A really stunning looking action figure.  One thing to note with this figure is that he does not fit very well on Super7's ReAction figure stands because his feet are really big, as they incorporate his robe in the sculpt.  However, those same big feet give him a really solid stance, so he doesn't really need one.

More views of "The Phantom of the Opera as the Masque of the Red Death"

"The Wolf Man"

"The Wolf Man" card art and action pose

More views of "The Wolf Man"

Super7 Universal Studios Monsters ReAction Figures - Wave 1 Cardback
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