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Halloween With The Addams Family (1964)

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Halloween With The Addams Family

"Halloween With the Addams Family" was the seventh episode of The Addams Family TV series.  It originally aired the night before Halloween, October 30th, 1964.

Gomez Inspects Uncle Fester with a Carving Knife
The episode takes place on Halloween, as the Addams family prepares for the holiday.  Wednesday and Pugsley get dressed up in their costumes for a night of trick-or-treating, while the rest of the family prepare punch and other party favors for any guests who may show up at their door.  They receive two guests in the form of a pair of bank robbers (one of whom is played by Don Rickles!) on the run from the police.  They think the Addams mansion will make a good place to hide out, but soon realize they've gotten more than they bargained for in the Addams's twisted house of comedic horrors.

Unexpected Guests
The highlights of this episode include Wednesday and Pugsley's Halloween costumes, which are basically just twisted versions of normal people.  The costumes horrify the rest of the family, and Uncle Fester advises the children to say, "do not be  alarmed, we are only little children," when they encounter anyone so they don't frighten them while they are trick-or-treating.

"Do not be  alarmed, we are only little children."
Meanwhile the Addams family entertains their guests with Halloween activities such as "bobbing for the crab," and reading a Halloween poem.

Reading the Halloween Poem
Halloween Poem

'Twas Halloween Evening
And Through the Abode
Not a Creature was Stirring
Not Even a Toad
Jack O' Lanterns are Hung
On the Gallows with Care
To Guide Sister Witch
As She Glides Through the Air

(Drawn by Eight Beautiful Bats!)

And She Calls Out to Them:

Come Flitter, Come Flutter
Come Flapper and Flyer
Come Chitter, Come Chatter
Come Vicious Vampire

Bobbing for the Crab
Eventually the criminal duo cannot stand any further Addams family activities, and flee the home, preferring to risk arrest rather than spend one more minute engaging in any more ghoulish weirdness.

 Halloween With The Addams Family (1964)

More screencaps after the jump...

Gomez Admires His New Knife

Fester Strikes a Dignified Pose

Gomez Addams: Master Artist

Lurch and Morticia in the Kitchen

The Halloween Punchbowl


Preparing the Punch

"When we're together, darling, every night is Halloween."

Fester Creeps the Criminals Out

The Addams Family

Leaving So Soon?

Gomez Looking Like a Maniac, as Usual

Police: "We're on a manhunt."
Gomez: "Nice night for it."

Morticia and Uncle Fester are Delighted

The Crab Bobs Back

Hapless Duo


Gomez is Concerned

Playing Hide-And-Go-Seek

Uncle Fester is Found

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