Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Batman Classic TV Egghead and The Penguin 8 Inch Retro Action Figures - Figures Toy Company (2014)

Batman Classic TV Series Egghead and The Penguin (Figures Toy Company, 2014)
Egghead and the Penguin were part of the second series of Figures Toy Company's Batman Classic TV Series figures, released late in 2014.  They are 8 inch Mego style figures, which use original sculpted heads on stock bodies and custom cloth outfits.  Like most of the other figures I've bought in this line, the figures have "knock knees" and are don't hold a pose very well.  But aside from that, the figures are really good.  The costumes and the heads are great.  I especially like the sculpt and paint job on the Burgess Meredith figure.  The Vincent Price as Egghead sculpt is a little weaker, but still instantly recognizable.

Penguin's Lovely Mug
Egghead Cracks a Grin
More photos after the break...

Penguin and Egghead in Their Cartons

The Penguin Flaps His Wing

Egghead Fries Alone

Egghead's Egg

A Fine Feathered Fink

Crooks of a Feather Flock Together

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