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Batman, Episode 6 - Batman is Riled (1966)

Batman, Episode 6 - Batman is Riled (1966)

50 years ago today...
"Batman is Riled," the sixth episode of the Batman TV series, premiered on January 27th, 1966.  In this episode, The Joker defeats Batman several times using his own version of Batman's utility belt.  This emboldens the rest of the criminals in Gotham, sparking the largest crime wave in Gotham City history, and causing the public to lose faith in the Dynamic Duo.  However, Batman and Robin turn the tables on The Joker and use his new utility belt against him, apprehending the criminal clown and restoring order to Gotham City in the process.

Crime Wave Grows!
The Joker Issues His Diabolical Demands

Bat-Facts for The Joker is Wild:

Special Guest Villain: Cesar Romero as "The Joker"

Featured Bat-Gadget: The Joker's Utility Belt

Robin's Catchphrase: "Holy Safari!"

Weirdest Sign or Label: "Batman and Robin Foiled Again"

Onomatopoeias: "Awk!  Bam!  Crunch!  Eee-yow!  Crr-aaack!!!  Ooooff!"

Comic Book Origins:  Based on the 1952 story "The Joker's Utility Belt" from Batman #73, written by David Vern and drawn by Dick Sprang. 

The episodes "The Joker is Wild" and "Batman is Riled" were based on the 1952 story "The Joker's Utility Belt" from Batman #73, written by David Vern and drawn by Dick Sprang. 
Batman and Robin Plan to Defeat The Joker

More screencaps after the break...

Phooey on Batman

The Joker Prepares to Unmask Batman and Robin on Live TV

A Killer Clown in the Rafters

The Clown Prince of Crime

Batcuffs: Unused!

Batman, Robin, and Alfred Watch The Joker on the Batcave's TV

The Joker's moll, Queenie.  Wait... it's not Harley Queenie, is it?

The Joker Plays "What's My Crime."

Alfred and Robin

Adam West: The One, True Batman

The Dynamic Duo Leaps Into Action!

Robin Rues the News

Robin and Batman

S.S. Gotham to be Launched Tomorrow

The Joker Views the News

The Joker and Queenie Plan to Defeat Batman and Robin With a Bottle of Champagne

Hail to the Chief, Baby!
Red, White, and Robin!

The Old Knockout Gas in the Champagne Bottle Trick


The Joker Prepare to Behead Batman and Robin

"What sorcery is this?!?"

The violence-loving Boy Wonder is rubbing his own fist in anticipation of brutally beating The Joker and his goons.  The kid just can't wait to bring the pain.

"Eat Bat Fist, Clown!"

That's right Robin, make sure those ropes are nice and tight!

The Joker Sneers at His Own Defeat

"Poor, deluded child."

Time For Dick to Tickle More Ivories

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