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Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)

Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966)
50 years ago today...
"Dracula: Prince of Darkness" was released to the theaters on a double bill with "The Plague of the Zombies."

Drac Attack!
Dracula: Prince of Darkness is the third film in Hammer's "Dracula" series.  The first film had Dracula, played by Christopher Lee, squaring off against Professor Van Helsing, played by Peter Cushing, and ended in Dracula's death.  In the second film, Dracula remained dead, and the the film starred Cushing's Van Helsing fighting a new vampire threat. In the third film, Cushing is out, but Christopher Lee returns, as Dracula is resurrected to bite innocent necks once again.

Dracula Awakes!
Christopher Lee's performance in this film is unusual because he doesn't have a single line of dialogue.  Lee claimed that the dialogue in the script was so bad that he refused to speak it, although the screenwriter disputes this.  The screenwriter says the part was written with no dialogue.  Either way, it actually works really well in the film, and gives Dracula a mysterious, unknowable presence.  He seems more like some sort of evil force of nature than a human being.

"Pull my finger."
Dracula "dies" again at the end of this one, trapped under ice and drowning in a frozen-over lake.  However, after coming back to life once, it seems a safe bet he'll be back again in time for the next sequel.

More sreencaps after the break...

Dracula's Manservant "Clove."

The Tomb of Dracula

Clove is Feeling "Stabby."

Clove Prepares to Drain the Blood of a Victim

Dracula's Ashes are Covered With Blood

Drac Hand!

Dracula Offers Up a Cheerful Smile

Whhops!  Clove Forgot to Tuck That Arm in the Trunk

Creepy Clove Delivers Another Victim to Dracula


"These fangs in my mouth?  Oh, there nothing... just a little dental issue.  Howzabout a hug?"


Burned by a Cross

Warding Off a Vampire

"Yikes!"  That's what Dracula would be saying, if he had any lines of dialogue in this film.  That, or maybe, "Zoinks!"

Vampires Seem So Peaceful After Being Staked

Drac at the Door

"Don't be frightened by my nipples, they don't bite!"

"Curses!  Foiled Again!"

Trapped Under Ice

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