Saturday, January 23, 2016

Amazing Heroes 5 Inch Retro Action Figures - Fresh Monkey Fiction (2016)

Fresh Monkey Fiction's Amazing Heroes

The Amazing Heroes are finally here!  I first wrote about these figures in March of 2014, back when the Kickstarter campaign was preparing to launch.  Well, fast forward nearly two years later, and the campaign was a success, the figures were produced, and they are now being shipped to all of their Kickstarter supporters around the globe.  If you weren't one of the Kickstarter supporters, you can still order them direct from Fresh Monkey Fiction's online store, where they should start shipping as soon as they have all of their Kickstarter orders filled.

The Amazing Heroes gather on top of Battle Mountain
If you're not familiar with these figures, they are 4.5" superhero action figures, done in a retro 1980's style.  If you're a fan of Mattel Secret Wars figures, Kenner Super Powers figures, or even Remco's Mighty Crusaders, then this is a line you should check out.  Most of the characters are public domain super heroes from the Golden Age of comics in the 1940s, as well as Captain Action, who first appeared as a 1966 action figure, and Mike Allred's Madman, who first appeared in the 1990s.

Madman tooling around in the Batmobile with Super Powers Batman, while The Black Terror and Secret Wars Spider-Man look on.
The figures come in collector friendly packaging.  The backer cards slide on and off, so the figures can be removed from the packaging, and then put back in, without damaging anything.  There are also several different cards to choose from.  There is a standard one-size-fits-all card that features small portraits of all the characters on the same card.  Then there are Artist Edition cards that feature the characters drawn by modern day comic book artists.  Finally there are Golden Age Comics cards that feature artwork from the original comics.

Madman, Champion of Mars, and Silver Streak in their Artist Edition packages
Some of the characters have accessories, or cloth capes.  All of the accessories fit in the characters hands very well.  Captain Action even has a removable hat.  And The Blank has an extra head, so he can be The Blank with a full head of hair, or one of his bald "mindless minions."  The capes seem to be high quality and hang nicely.  In fact, everything about these figures is really well done.  None of the figures I received have any paint flaws, stuck or broken joints, are any defects of any kind.  Even though I know these figures were a "labor of love" by the folks at Fresh Monkey Fiction, these are high quality, professionally made toys, absolutely on par with anything you can buy at your local toy store.  I am so pleased with these figures, they are everything I hoped they would be when the Kickstarter campaign first launched.  Now I'm eagerly awaiting Wave 2!  But let's not get ahead of ourselves... check out my photos of the Wave 1 figures, and let me know what you think of the Amazing Heroes.

More photos after the break...

The Amazing Heroes invade The Batcave

The Amazing Heroes pose with an assortment of Super Powers and Secret Wars figures

Secret Wars Captain America looks on as Silver Streak and Captain Action ride in Captain America's Turbo Cycle

Captain Action

The Black Terror

Dare-Devil and Champion of Mars

Green Turtle and Stardust the Super Wizard

A Mindless Minion of The Blank Slate battles Silver Streak



  1. These aren't really my thing, but the review is awesome. I love the pics, especially the use of diorama backgrounds, vehicles, and the old Secret Wars/Super Powers figures.

  2. I gotta get my hands on these. Although I'd be lying if i said i didn't want these guys done in modern 6" scale. A 6" Captain Action , Terror, Dare-Devil etc would be something i backed sight unseen. Same goes for anyone who wants to produceva 6" Phantom figure. Now, back to these They nailed this set from top to bottom. Keeping them in scale with Secret Wars and Super Powers was a great move. I have a full collection of Super Powers and these make me wanna track down the Secret Wars stuff again......just to display with these! Tremendous job guys. I hope there is a series 2 on the way.

    1. There is a series 2 coming this summer. There are also two more figures -- a golden age and modern version of Amazing Man -- that were released later, I'll be snapping some pics of those soon.