Sunday, December 13, 2015

Your Weird Uncle's Winter Wonderland Family Film Festival: The Final Chapter

Hi folks, Your Weird Uncle here.  If you've been reading my previous posts, you'll know that that Larry over at Hollywood Blockbuster video hooked my up with a big stack of Christmas movies to watch with my three young nephews, Scratch, Nick, and Hob.  All those movies turned out to be horror movies disguised as Christmas movies, causing myself and my three young charges a great deal of distress.  So yesterday, I headed back over to Hollywood Blockbuster Video to return these movies, and give Larry a piece of my mind.

What I found when I arrived shocked me.  The video store was gone!  In it's place was a vacant lot, with a few remains of a building that looked like it burned down decades ago!  I went over to the Taco Hut across the street to see if they knew what happened, but the kids that worked there were no help.  They said that lot has been empty for years as far as they knew.

I just don't understand it!  Am I going crazy?  I can't be... I've got this stack of all the latest Christmas movie released on shiny new VHS cassettes to prove I was really there!  I don't know what to think!

I've got to find out what happened to Larry and the video store.  Maybe "The Google" can help.  I'll try typing in "Hollywood Blockbuster Video" plus my town, and see if what pops up.  If something happened to it, it should be in the news. 

Nope.  Nothing... wait, what's this?  According to "The Google," Hollywood Blockbuster Video went out of business 6 years ago, and closed all of their stores!  Well, that can't be right, I was just there a few days ago.

Wait, the building in that lot looked like it was in a fire.  I'll try adding "fire" to my search...  there's one result, from my local newspaper... but it's from 1992:


By Cogs Stromway
Saturday, Dec. 26, 1992

Photo of Larry Yurwerduncoll provided by Hollywood Blockbuster Video
Police and Fire officials are investigating the fire that burned down the Hollywood Blockbuster Video on the corner of 11th Street and Carson on Christmas morning.  The body of store clerk Larry Yurwerduncoll was found in the building, along with the remains of three unidentified children.  Originally viewed as an accident, the officials now believe the fire was arson, started by Yurwerduncoll.  Prelimenary autopsy reports indicate that the three children were dead before the fire, and may have been part of a murder and suicide plot by Mr. Yurwerduncoll.  Police Chief Nips Nogberth plans on giving a press conference later this afternoon, in which more information will be revealed.

That photo looks just like Larry, but this article can't be right!  Larry is an odd character, sure, but he wouldn't murder kids!  Is that Larry's last name, "Yurwerduncoll?"  Why does that sound so familiar?

Hey, do I smell smoke...?

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

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