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Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974)

Joy to the World!  From, "Silent Night, Bloody Night"


Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974) - Movie review plus screencaps:
Silent Night, Bloody Night
Christmas Eve.  It should be a time of happiness and goodwill.  But in one small American town, that will not be the case, because an escaped mental patient is on the loose, and the bodies are piling up faster than chestnuts can roast on an open fire!
Loading a Gun on Christmas Eve
Silent Night, Bloody Night is a seriously low budget affair.  Half of the movie is actually silent film with narration, and sometimes even shots of still photographs, and at times that gets fairly tedious.  But overall, it's still an entertaining picture.  As an added curiosity to Andy Warhol fans, the film features several of Warhol's Superstars in non-speaking supporting roles in a flashback scene.  They don't really do much, but I guess the producers put them in there to increase the novelty value of the film... or maybe it's just because they could pay them with heroin and Twinkies.
Bloody Face
The story is juicy and lurid, full of crazy stuff like insane asylums, burning alive, knife slashings, and more, all tied up into a mystery about what happened in a creepy old house twenty years earlier.  The town's leaders all seem to be in on the secret, but they're not talking... but then they start to get killed off one by one.
Police Car at the Cemetery
Christmas elements of this film include:
  • Takes place on Christmas Eve.
  • Numerous Christmas decorations such as lights, trees, and wreaths.
  • A Christmas present wrapping scene.
  • Snow.
  • A burning fireplace.
  • A flashback to a Christmas Eve massacre at an insane asylum.

So basically, it's good family fun for the holidays!

Rating: 3 Robots (out of 5)

BONUS! Watch the whole public domain movie here!

Silent Night, Bloody Night (1974) - Full Movie from The Internet Archive:

More screencaps after the jump...

The Butler House

Burning Alive

Snow Covered Graveyard

A Bloody Hand

A Bloody Crucifix

A Burning Car

Flashback Creep

Dracula Cape

Pointing a Gun

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