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Jimmy Olsen's Cave Boy Clothes and Other Costumes

Jimmy Olsen's Greatest Costumes and Disguises #10

As usual, Lucy Lane doesn't recognize Jimmy, even though his face is not disguised at all.
In "The Jimmy Olsen Signal-Watch," from Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #37, Jimmy gives his girlfriend Lucy Lane a signal-watch to use on her birthday.  The signal watch works just like the one Jimmy uses to summon Superman, except Lucy can use it to summon Jimmy.  Jimmy will now be at Lucy's beck and call all day long, as his birthday gift to her.  Jimmy then heads off to the shack where the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club meets, strips down to his underwear in front of the young boys in the club, and starts modeling costumes for them.  Nothing weird about that.
Jimmy Strips Down to His Underwear in Front of a Young Boy
Jimmy models his clown and convict costumes for the kids, then switches to his "Cave Boy" costume.  He tells the boys the perfectly reasonable story of how he got this costume.  It started when Jimmy headed to "Lost Valley" to investigate reports of living dinosaurs.  There he encountered a fire-breathing dinosaur who burnt off all of Jimmy's clothes (although Jimmy himself was unscathed).  Naked Jimmy then met a family of cave people, who gave him an animal skin to wear.  The cave people speak English, so I'm assuming they were originally modern people who got stranded in the valley, and had to adopt a prehistoric lifestyle to survive.  Then the fire-breathing dinosaur comes back and attacks them all, so Jimmy signals Superman who flies in and drives the monster off.  Then Superman flies Jimmy to safety, but leaves the English-speaking cave people behind, saying, "they'd be unhappy and out-of-place in civilization!"

Yes Superman, let them live dressed in rags and sleeping in a cave.  I'm sure they'll be much happier that way.
With this flashback over, the hijinx in the story really begin, when Lucy first summons Jimmy with her signal-watch.  Jimmy goes to change out of his costume, only to discover that the fan club boys have all chipped in to send Jimmy's suit to the cleaners!  This may seem like a ridiculous plot twist, but bear in mind that Jimmy wears that same green suit with a red bow-tie almost every day.  It probably was getting a little gamey.

Jimmy's kooky costumes: 1. Creepy the Clown.  2. A "Jailhouse Rocker."  3. Woo woo woo! An Indian.  Woo woo!  4. Beelzebub.  5. Medieval Knight.
With his street clothes missing, Jimmy is forced to answer all of Lucy's calls wearing a wacky costume that ruins every chore that Lucy needs help with.  Lucy gets so fed up with Jimmy and his crazy costumes that she gives the signal watch back and cancels their latest date.  Later, however, the airline she works for is having a masquerade party, so she decides to give Jimmy another chance.  After all, this is the one occasion that a crazy costume wouldn't cause a problem!  But Jimmy still manages to mess it up by showing up in his "plain-clothes costume." In other words, the same green suit with red bow-tie that he wears every day! 

Smooth move, Olsen.

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