Friday, October 4, 2013

Jimmy Olsen's Texas Millionaire Clothes

Jimmy Olsen's Greatest Costumes and Disguises #14

"Lois Lane's Sister," in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #36, introduces us to Lucy Lane, Lois Lane's stewardess sister, who goes on to become Jimmy's main romantic interest for most of this comic book series.  Jimmy falls madly in love with Lucy from the moment he meets her, but throughout the course of the comic book series, she never treats him with an ounce of respect.  It's kind of sad, really.

Oh-oh!  Clark is a Creepster!
Jimmy makes a date with Lucy for Saturday night, when she is flying back into Metropolis.  But what he doesn't know is Lucy doesn't think Jimmy is her "type," and that her flight will be full of rodeo stars, and she is planning on picking one of those dudes up on the plane, and breaking her date with Jimmy.  What a bitch.  But Clark Kent DOES know about it, because he was using his super powers to spy on Lois and Lucy in their bedroom at night!  Yes, apparently Superman is a Super Peeping Tom!

"Let's Go To My Apartment!"  Clark Tries to Warn Jimmy Away From Lucy, and Jimmy Totally Misreads His Intent.
Clark tries to warn Jimmy away from Lucy, but Jimmy just decides that he will disguise himself as a rodeo star and go on the plane himself.  That way, Lucy will break the date with Jimmy to go out with Jimmy-in-disguise!  What a plan!  The saddest part is, his "disguise" is basically just a cowboy hat.  He doesn't change his hair color, cover his freckles, wear a fake nose or a beard or anything like that.  It's just Jimmy Olsen, wearing a hat...  and Lucy totally doesn't recognize him.  Come on Jimmy, if that doesn't tell you how little Lucy thinks of you, what does?

Dude, That SO Does Not Count as a "Disguise."
Jimmy doesn't learn his lesson, though, and ends the story asking Lucy to marry him.  Of course, Lucy would never marry Jimmy.  But rather than turning him down, freeing him up to look for love somewhere else, she strings him along, telling him she'll CONSIDER marrying him, if he can just convince his pal Superman to marry Lois Lane first!  What a bitch.

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