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Universal Monsters "Frankenstein" 9 Inch Action Figure - Mezco (2013)


The Face of Frankenstein
Mezco's 9 inch Frankenstein figure is the first in a new series of Universal Monsters action figures.  Their Creature From The Black Lagoon figure is also out in the stores right now, and their figure of Boris Karloff as The Mummy is coming soon.

Mezco's Universal Monsters 9 Inch Frankenstein Action Figure
When I first saw pictures of this figure, I wasn't sold on it's cartoonish proportions.  Seeing it in real life, though, I really like it.  The exaggerated features combine with all of the fine details to make a very striking figure.  It reminds me quite a bit of Dick Briefer's design from his Frankenstein comics.  After holding this guy in my hands, I definitely plan on buying the rest of the figures in the series.

Dick Briefer Frankenstein Comics from the 1950s
Frankenstein is made of hard plastic, except for his shirt and jacket, which are made of tattered cloth.   There is not a lot of paint details, but what there is looks clean and well executed.   The figure feels very solid and stands well on his own.  Of course, that's mostly due to his legs being a solid piece with no articulation.  His feet do move side to side at the ankles, so there is small amount of articulation there.  he fares a little bit better above the legs, with articulation at the waist, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, as well as the neck.  He can't raise his arms above his head, and I'm not sure if that is a limitation of the joints at his shoulders, or if they are restricted by his cloth jacket.

Shambling Horror
This figure is better suited to be posed and displayed on a shelf than it is to be played with like an actual toy.  But for what it is, I think Mezco did a great job.  I can't wait to get some more figures from this series and display them all together.

Packaging: Front, Side, and Back

Close-Up Details of Hand and Wrist

Close-Up Details of Face and Neck

Posing with the Backdrop from the Box

He Lurks in the Shadows


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