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The Invisible Man (1933)

Subliminal Cinema
You won't believe your eyes, in 1933's Universal Monsters classic
Adapted from the classic H. G. Wells story of the same name, The Invisible Man is one of the best of the Universal Monsters movies.  It stars Claude Rains, in his first American film, as the Invisible Man, and was directed by James Whale of Frankenstein fame.  Like Whale's Frankenstein and The Bride of Frankenstein, the film mixes humor in with the horror and madness.

A Strange Face Appears in the Doorway
In the film, Rains plays a scientist who invents an invisibility formula, but makes the mistake of testing it on himself.  What he doesn't know is that the formula induces madness as well as invisibility, and he soon finds himself, tormenting innocent people, plotting murders, and fantasizing about ruling the world, instead of completing his research.

"This is unacceptable!  I distinctly asked for a tiny umbrella in my cocktail!"
Claude Rains is wonderful in a role that consists mostly of just his voice.  In his more rational moments, he sounds perfectly suited as an intellectual, scientific genius that created an invisibility formula.  But he also shines when his personality shifts to that of a giggling, homicidal madman.  In fact, it reminded me quite a bit of The Joker from the Batman TV shows, sort of halfway between the performances of Mark Hamill and Cesar Romero, making me wonder if Rains's performance had any influence on them.  My only criticism of the film is that I would have liked to see what his character was like before he took the formula, to better understand how it affected his mind.

"Blimey!  That bloke's got no blinkin' head!"
The special effects were groundbreaking when the film was released.  They still hold up, and are very entertaining to watch, today.  The Invisible Man spawned a number of sequels (the first starring Vincent Price, in his first horror role!) and remakes, but the original film is still probably the best.  I highly recommend it to any fan of classic horror.

Headline: "Invisible Man Slays Policeman."  Reader: "Says here, he was one day away from retirement."
More screencaps and a music video after the jump...

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Invisible Face

The Invisible Man is a proud member of the NRA

Caught In the Snow

I'll pass on the bottled fish, thanks.

"Not now dear, can't you see I'm doing science?"

Frightened Villagers Call the Police

Something Frightening is Revealed

"I'm getting to old for this bollocks!"

"Just because you're invisible, doesn't mean you can't look fabulous."

The Invisible Man Torments a Frightened Crowd

Inspecting a Corpse

Furious Orphans Vow to Destroy the Invisible Man

"Lock your doors and hide your daughters, the Invisible Man is coming!"

A Phone Call is Recieved

Smoke Filled Room

Invisible Footprints

The Final Cure

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