Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Retro Wednesday! Funko ReAction Freddy Krueger

For our second Retro Wednesday figure of the day, we'll be looking at that lovable scamp, A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Krueger!  What sort of hilarious hijinks will this rascal be getting into?  Let's find out after the break!

Wacky prankster Freddy Krueger is part of Funko's ReAction "Horror-Series," the line of horror figures from a variety of different movies.  Why jocular jokester Freddy Krueger is part of that line-up is anyone's guess.  Who would be scared of this friendly fellow?

Good old Freddy has a removable hat, allowing him to tip his lid to the ladies, because while Freddy may be a prankster, he's also a gentleman.  Freddy also sports a colorful, Bill Cosby-style striped sweater, and has a wacky prank glove on his hand, similar in effect to a joy buzzer.

Like all the other ReAction figures, Freddy is sculpted in retro Kenner style, with 5 points of articulation, and is sold on a vintage-style card with a movie photo on it.

Freddy is a great figure to pick up if you want to add a sparkle of fun and whimsy to your action figure collection.

Roy Orbison - In Dreams
Roy Orbison wrote this song in 1963, yet you'd swear he was singing about that lovable clown Freddy Krueger, who pleasantly jokes around in our dreams!  As a bonus, this video features clips from that feel-good family favorite film, "Blue Velvet."

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