Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Get Creeped Out By The Phantom of the Opera and The Invisible Man ReAction Figures, the Subjects of This Week's Retro Wednesday!

October is finally here!  That means it's time for the Countdown to Halloween! I'll be making Halloween inspired posts every day this month, and with a different horrifying theme every week.  This week's theme is MYSTERIOUS MURDERERS: Devil-Worshipers, Masked Killers and More, in a Week of Men Who Kill From the Shadows!  It's all about the creepy weirdos who wear masks and disguises, or hide in the dark, and kill, kill, kill!  It was inspired by one of today's action figure subjects : The Phantom of the Opera.  Posts later this week will feature an evil magician, a satanic priest, a masked serial killer, and a Phantom of the Opera wannabe who battled a '70s rock band!  I won't spoil it for you by telling you exactly what I have in store... you'll just have to come back every day to find out!

Today, I'll be looking at two Universal Monsters action figures from Funko and Super 7's ReAction line: The Phantom of the Opera and The Invisible Man.  Lets' check them out after the break...

Both figures come on a cool retro style card, with a black and white photo from the movie, and a colorful logo, just like all the Universal Monsters ReAction figures do.  The Phantom has a retro style vinyl cape, like Obi Wan Kenobi or Darth Vader had in Kenner's Star Wars line in 1978, and also like the cape Remco put on their Phantom of the Opera figure in 1979.  Overall, it's a great looking figure... the only thing it's missing is a removable mask accessory, although the shape of the Phantom's mask would probably have made that difficult, it doesn't fit over his entire head the way the Rocketeer's helmet did.  Hopefully Funko will release a a masked variant version of this figure sometime down the road.

The Invisible Man is probably my favorite figure from the line.  There's just something about his outfit, with the bath robe, sunglasses, and bandages... it just makes for a great, unique looking action figure.  Both The Invisible Man and The Phantom of the Opera have great, detailed sculpts, and really clean paint jobs. I didn't find anything on either figure to complain about.  Not every ReAction figure released so far has been perfect, but Funko and Super 7 are just killing it with their Universal Monsters figures, I think they are easily the best figures from the ReAction line so far.  I'll be reviewing all of them this month, so keep checking back to see them all.


Queen - The Invisible Man (This video is so '80s, it's perfect for Retro Wednesdays! It's got old school PC games, Freddie Mercury in New Wave Devo glasses, a kid's bedroom filled with fun toys and posters, and laser beams shooting out of Brian May's guitar!)

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  1. Awesome review! I love those McFarlane Monsters' bases and toys so much. I'm definitely going to steal that idea when I review the Phantom later this week or early next week.

    And yes, the presence of the flimsy plastic cape on this guy and Dracula totally excited me! That's just such a cool vintage nod. I love it!