Friday, October 31, 2014

Your are now entering... The Twilight Zone

Halloween is finally here!  My most monster-toyriffic day of posting begins now, with this look at the retro 3 3/4" Twilight Zone action figures from Bif Bang Pow.  Earlier this month, I featured Bob Wilson and the Gremlin from this line, and today I'm going to take a look at the other figures.  Check them out after the break!

KANAMIT from "To Serve Man"

Kanamit comes with a cookbook, but I lost it already.  He comes in his regular white robe, as well as a variant black robe.

One weird thing about this figure is that his legs are hollow, so it looks kind of weird when he has his legs pointed in different directions.
The regular black and white Kanamit and the limited edition color version.

HENRY BEMIS from "Time Enough at Last"

Henry Bemis comes with a pair of books, and like with Kanamit, I already lost them.

TALKY TINA from "Living Doll" 

Talky Tina is a truly a tiny figure.  Even at this size, though, she is probably oversized, since she is supposed to be a doll.  She also has that same, hollowed out leg thing going on that Kanamit does.  It would have been nice if she had come with some cool accessory to make up for her small size.  Although the fact that she didn't come with an accessory means there wasn't one for me to lose, so maybe that was a good thing.

THE INVADER from "The Invaders"

The invader has the distinction of being the ONLY Twilight Zone figure whose accessories I HAVEN'T lost.  He comes with two green thingamajobbers.  Seriously, what are those things?  It's been years since I've watched that episode, so I don't remember. They kind of look like those flashlight things that people use to wave airplanes around on airport runways.  Also, why did Bif Bang Pow paint them green?  That kind of ruins the black and white aesthetic.

In my flash photography, the thingamajobbers almost look like they are GLOWING green, but that's not the way they look to the naked eye.  They actually look like white sticks with green paint splotches on them.


Finally, here's a group shot of the figures.  I think the black and white is a little weird looking when you you group them with other, colorful figures, but looks really good when grouped with just their black and white brethren.  The matching lack-of-color scheme pulls all the figures together into a cohesive whole.

In my next Halloween post, I'll be looking at another figure with a black and white color scheme: Charon from The Clash of the Titans!  That will be up in a little while, so check back soon.

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