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The Saga of Crystar "Zardeth, The Wizard Who Worshipped Chaos" Action Figure - Remco (1982)

Vintage Fridays

Every Friday, I review a different vintage 3 3/4" action figure, and today I'm featuring Zardeth, the evil wizard from Remco's The Saga of Crystar line of action figures.  Does he fit in with this week's "Mysterious Murderers" theme?  Err... kinda, I guess.  He does wear a Phantom of the Opera style mask!  Okay, that's settled, then,  Let's check out this EVIL action figure after the break!

Eww!  Zardeth Has a FLESH COLORED Mustache!  You can't get much more EVIL than that!
Zardeth.  Now this is an EVIL action figure.  Heck, he's got "deth" right there in his name!  And he's creepy looking, too  He's making some kind of weird, pointy hand gestures that are just one finger shy of throwing up the heavy metal devil's horns.  It's an unusual gesture to see on an action figures hands, and I really do think it looks creepy.

Zardeth Summons a Lava Monster With His Magical Question Mark Mace

He's wearing a red sun dress, with a gold-lamé belt, so I guess he's a crossdresser, which is cool.  Maybe he's more of a glam rocker than heavy metal, that would explain why he's having trouble throwing up the horns.  He has some weird head gear on that covers half his face, and when I first saw the figure, I thought it was his hair, and he was like, emo, or something.  Seriously, the guy just needs to pick one musical genre and go with it.  Although now that I think about it, he is a wizard, so he's probably prog.

Okay, this review is going off course...

Ahem.  Accessories.Yeah, accessories!  Zardeth came with two accesories.  The first was this magnifying glass type crystal thing, which I think all of the Crystar figures come with.  He also comes with a weapon that looks like a cross between a question mark and a mace.  Since he's a wizard, I don't really see him as a mace swinging type, so I'm thinking this is a magical artifact of some kind.  An EVIL magical artifact.

Zardeth Tells Us About the Fish That Got Away.  "It was that long, I tells ya!  This long... and EVIL!"
He has some sort of round carving in his chest, like a hole was partially carved in there.  It's all flesh colored plastic (like his mustache) though, so it's hard to tell what it's supposed to be, maybe some kind of crystal embedded in there?  I'm not really up on the Crystar storyline, so I really don't know what it's supposed to be.

Wizard War!  Zardeth Fights a Furious Battle With His Arch Enemy Gandalf the Brown (at least I think that's who that other wizard is)!
In conclusion: Zardeth.  A Wizard, EVIL, creepy looking... released by Remco in 1982.  The End.

Zardeth Poses in The Black Cave of Skulls With His BFF Alan Alda
So, I have to apologize for the randomness of this review (I'm not really sorry).  In order to post every day for the Countdown to Halloween, I kind of have to just make these posts up as I go,  I don't really have time to plan them out or think them through.  Does that mean the posts well just get weirder and weirder as we get further along in the month?  Probably.  And this is only "Day Three."  I wonder what they will be like by the time we actually get to Halloween?  Scary.

Next week's theme will be THE DEAD SHALL WALK AMONG THE LIVING: Frankenstein Monsters, Mummies and Zombies Abound in a Week of Reanimated Corpses!  I wonder what vintage 3 3/4" action figure I will be reviewing for that?  Check back next week to find out!

Hint: It's a Mummy.

Bonus Hint: It's NOT the Remco Mini Monsters Mummy!


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  1. This guy is crazy. Crystar is not a line I'm very familiar with, so I'm always glad to see something different.

    And yeah, while this guy might flirt with being Epic Metal, he's totally Prog. I think he opened for Rush once.