Saturday, October 10, 2015

Skeleton 8 Inch Retro Figure - Classic TV Toys (2010)

Classic TV Toys Skeleton
This Mego scaled skeleton comes from Classic TV Toys, which is the Figures Toy Company site that sells loose bodies, clothing, and other gear to customize your Mego figures.  They are very cheaply made, and pretty much every one you'll ever get from them will break apart at the pelvis when you try to move it's legs.  But you know what, they're only five bucks each, and as low as 3 bucks each if you buy them in bulk, and they CAN be fixed with a little super glue.  So as long as you know what you are getting, I think they are totally worth it.  They certainly make a great addition to a Mego monster collection, either as an articulated monster, or just as a prop to spice up the background of a diorama or playset.

"Hi, everybody!"


Worm's Eye View

Illuminated by Sunlight
Me and My Mummy
Classic Monsters

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