Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mad Monster Castle Playset - Mego (1974)/Figures Toy Company (2012)

PINK - The Color of Fear
The Mad Monster Castle was originally released by Mego in 1974 for use with their Mad Monsters action figures.  It was reissued in 2012 by Figures Toy Company, where it is still available to purchase today (the reissued version is the one I have in these photos).  It is made of cardboard and vinyl, and features an operating table, a working drawbridge, and cartoony horror artwork printed on the walls.

Dreadful Dracula Operates on Frankenstein's Monster Inside the Castle

Mego wisely chose to make the castle pink, as everyone knows that pink is the color of fear.  While the cardboard and vinyl construction might seem cheap by modern standards, and the artwork might seem kind of cheesy, if you're of the right mindset, that becomes part of the appeal.  It's goofiness is a perfect fit for the Mad Monster figures, as they are more on the wacky side of the monster scale themselves.  It's definitely worth buying for anyone who is a fan of vintage monster toys.

Raven's Eye View

Open Drawbridge

Interior Mad Science Lab

Interior 2

Interior 3

Closed Drawbridge

Wolf-Man and The Mummy on the Rooftop Walkway

The Mad Monsters
Classic Monsters


  1. I love the eyechart in the lab. You definitely gotta make sure that your creation has good eyesight, y'know?

    1. It's not even a worthwhile eyechart, because it's in alphabetical order. Makes it way to easy to cheat. Honestly, I don't know what Dr. Frankenstein was thinking. :)