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Herman Munster 8 Inch Retro Cloth Action Figure (2004, Classic TV Toys)

Herman Munster 8 Inch Retro Cloth Action Figure (2004, Classic TV Toys)
In 2004, Classic TV Toys released a line of 8 inch "The Munsters" action figures in the retro Mego style.  Today I'll be looking at "Herman Munster" from this line.

Herman Munster in His Package
This Herman Munster figure has a nice headsculpt.  It's not as detailed as the Diamond Select Herman Munster action figures.  It's a bit more simplified and cartoony, but that works well for this type of retro figure.  It does a nice job of capturing the likeness and goofy charm of Fred Gwynne as Herman Munster.

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Herman Says "Hello" to Spot
Classic TV Toys and Figures Toy Company have improved their bodies quite a bit since this figure was made, but at this point in their history they were still having issues with their manufacturers and had a lot of broken figures.  My figure was not broken, but his body does not articulate very well, and feels a bit fragile, so I didn't try to force his arms or legs into any extreme positions.

The Friendliest Frankenstein
Herman's cloth outfit captures his TV look, but fits a little too loosely, which hurts it's appearance.  While there is a whole line of CTVT Munsters figures, Herman is the best looking figure, the rest look a bit sloppy.  So I probably won't get the complete collection, but I still had to get Herman, since Frankenstein's Monster is my favorite movie monster, and I like to get all the versions of him I can, even the Herman Munster version, and he does fit in nicely with the other figures in my Frankenstein collection.


The Munsters - Munster Creep (1964)

"The Munsters" were a 1960s surf rock band inspired by the TV show, they put out one album full of instrumentals and vocal songs with monster-themed lyrics, many of them directly referencing the Munsters TV show.  The above video is comprised of home movie footage shot at the Hollywood Bowl, and features the band in what looks like a sound check, along with footage of Al "Grandpa" Lewis, Butch "Eddie Munster" Patrick, and their car the Munster Koach.


The Comateens - The Munsters Theme (1981)

Live video of 1980s New Wave band The Comateens performing their cover of The Munsters theme song.

Herman Munster

Herman Inspects His Black Fingernails

Frankenstein Family

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