Thursday, October 29, 2015

Universal Monsters "Frankenstein" 8 Inch Retro Action Figure - Diamond Select/Emce Toys (2010)

Universal Monsters Retro Cloth Figure Frankenstein (2010, Diamond Select and Emce Toys)
Frankenstein was part of the first series of Diamond Select and Emce Toys Retro Cloth Universal Monsters figures, along with The Wolf Man, released in 2010.  I bought this figure in a lot of loose action figures on Ebay, and it was missing it's original jacket, shirt, and one of it's boots.  So the shirt and jacket you see in the photos are actually replacements from CTVT, so bear that in mind when viewing the photos.  The original had a more muted green jacket that had buttons and fit The Monster better.  It also had two awesome rubber platform boots that really completed his look.  Mine has one awesome rubber boot, and one not-so-awesome boot that I made out of black electrical tape.  Smooth.  I've included a photo of the figure in it's proper outfit to the left.

Still, even with his missing and replaced costume bits, I still think this is a great figure.  I mean, he has a fantastic face sculpt with lots of fine details, pretty much the opposite of the cartoony Remco Frankenstein figure I featured yesterday.  He also has great hands, and they did a really clever thing were they incorporated the hinge on the articulated wrist of the action figure into the sculpt.  And even though I only have one of his boots, that one boot is a perfect boot.  They probably could have gotten away with some generic Mego boots and no one would have complained... but given him these extra thick platform boots, just like the ones Karloff wore in the movies, really takes this figure to another level.

At some point I'm going to have to seek out some complete versions of this figure and The Wolf Man, with all of their proper costume pieces, but for now I'm just glad to have any version of them in my collection, because my "Mad Monster" collection would feel really incomplete without them.  I have one more figure left to feature from this line this month, and that will be up in a couple of days (heck, there's only a couple of days left until Halloween... this month is going by fast!)  Tomorrow I'll be back with yet another version of Frankenstein's Monster: Herman Munster by Classic TV Toys!

Monsters!  Monsters!  Monsters!


Gene Moss & The Monsters - The New Frankenstein & Johnny Song


The Monster





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