Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Custom Tomland Monster #6: Cyclops

The Cyclops is my final custom Tomland monster.  I kept the green skin color of the original figure, but added more details to his face, and some reptile type stuff to his chest, arms, and legs.

The original figure had a tattered brown jacket, opened up to reveal his chest, red capri pants, and a red ascot.  Yeah, capri pants and ascots were what all the blood-thirsty monsters were wearing in the 1970s, didn't you know?  I dressed him in a repro Mego pirate outfit from Classic TV Toys that isn't TOO different.  It looks like something the original Tomland figure might wear while his first costume was in the laundry.

Read about the original Tomland Famous Monsters of Legend Cyclops here.

Read about the figures repackaging as a space alien here.

Cyclops - Marilyn Manson

Classic Monsters

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