Friday, October 16, 2015

Coffin for 8 Inch Retro Figures - Classic TV Toys

Classic TV Toys Coffin
Classic TV Toys Coffin

If you dig around the Classic TV Toys website, you can find lots of cool and weird accessories for 8 inch Mego action figures, including today's item: coffins!

A Glowing Hand Emerges From the Coffin!
Having a Mego scaled coffin is great for Mad Monsters like the Dreadful Dracula, or any other vampire or undead character.  The coffins have removable lids and are lined with fabric.  They come in 3 color schemes: black with red lining, golden brown with white lining, and grey with purple lining.

Dreadful Dracula: Used Coffin Salesman
I love having props and accessories to pose my action figures with, and coffins are pretty much a must-have item for monster figures.  These coffins would also make great pencil cases or jewelry or nick-knack boxes for, like, the little goth kids, or whatever.  You can order them at:


Modest Mouse - Satin in a Coffin


Coffin on the Floor

Upright Coffin

More Coffin

A Creepy Vampire Awakes

Crawling Out of His Coffin After a Long Day's Slumber

Even Skeletons Enjoy a Comfy Coffin

Skeleton in a Coffin

Rest in Peace
Classic Monsters

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