Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Official Universal Studios Monsters "Frankenstein Monster" 9 Inch Vintage Action Figure (1980)

Remco 9 Inch Frankenstein Monster Action Figure (1980)
Earlier this month, I looked at "Count Dracula" from Remco's 1980-1981 line of 9 inch cloth outfit Universal Monsters action figures.  Today I'm featuring Remco's "Frankenstein Monster."

On the Slab
All of these figures have strange looking accordion-like arms under their clothes (see pic below) and a button on their backs.  When you press the button, their arms contract, as if they were crushing their victims.  Either that or they're just really friendly and want to give you a hug.

The Monster Walks
This figure has a simple, almost cartoonish sculpt, but it has all the key elements and is immediately recognizable as Frankenstein's Monster. It reminds me more of Lon Chaney Jr.'s version of The Monster than of Boris Karloff's.  I'm a big Frankenstein fan, so of course I love this figure.  What do you think?

A Face Only a Mad Scientist Could Love


Leaving the Lab

Accordion Arms

So Sleepy...

Dracky and Frank

Remco Frankenstein and Mad Monster Frankenstein


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