Sunday, October 11, 2015

Horror of Dracula (1958)

After the commercial success of "The Curse of Frankenstein" In 1957, Hammer Films decided to try their hand at remaking another classic Universal Horror picture: Dracula.  Titled "Dracula" internationally, and "Horror of Dracula" in the United States, the film, like "The Curse of Frankenstein," once again pairs stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.  Cushing plays vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing, and Lee plays Count Dracula.  Cushing and Lee both became major horror stars from these films, essentially their generation's versions of Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, and starred in a total of 22 films together.

Christopher Lee as Count Dracula
Horror of Dracula is a great film.  It' s colorful, violent, and stylish, and cemented Hammer's position as the new home of cinematic horror.  It was also the most successful film SERIES from Hammer, spawning a total of 9 films.  Like The Curse of Frankenstein before it, Horror of Dracula is a must-see for any fan of classic horror films.

Peter Cushing as Abraham Van Helsing

Unnaturally red blood helps to give this film visual "pop."

The Diary of Jonathan Harker

Inside Castle Dracula

A Striking Figure

Dracula's Cloak Flaps Majestically as he Stalks his Latest Victim

A Secret Desire For Blood

Not-So-Secret Desire For Blood

Puncture Wounds

The Sleeping Dead

Hypnotic Eyes

Van Helsing Stakes a Vamp

Dracula Emerges From His Coffin

The Sign of the Cross

Illuminated by Sunlight

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  1. A awesome film with great performances from Christopher lee and Peter Cushing.