Thursday, October 8, 2015

Universal Monsters "Phantom of the Opera" 8 Inch Retro Figure - Diamond Select/Emce Toys (2013)

The Phantom of the Opera was part of the fourth and final wave of Universal Monsters Retro Cloth Figures by Diamond Select and Emce Toys.  While it was sad to see this series of figures end, they really picked a great figure to go out on.

This Phantom of the Opera figure is one of the best looking Mego style figures ever!  His costume, his sculpt, his paint... it's all top notch.  I'm not even that big of a Phantom guy, but I just love this figure.

About the only thing that is missing would be a removable Phantom mask, although I don't know how much use it would get, because I don't think I would ever want to cover up that beautifully gruesome face!

Check out the rest of my photos of this figure and tell me what you think!  Is this the best looking Mego monster ever, or what?


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